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CoronaVirus: Ugandans, Is Communal Jogging Really An Ideal Option?

We all thought that banning of public transport would ensure that Ugandans stayed at home in isolation. We were wrong.

The president placed a curfew that runs from 7pm to 6am. Ugandans have willingly accepted this and stayed indoors. But what exactly are people doing between the hours of 6.01am and 6.59pm? Social distancing? Definitely not.

Many would think that the 48 cases in the country would give people a shocker and encourage them to stay indoors. Ugandans are still not bothered. The streets in Kampala are filled with masses of people jogging every morning, all day long until 6pm. Jogging is not a bad thing. It never has been. But jogging in groups of more than 10, in times like these when social gatherings have been banned is a very risky bet. Some jokers even had the time to gather and collectively stretch it out or whatever they did. In times like these? Do we really need this fitness if it will cost us? Oh Uganda!!

The Ministry of Health, under Dr. Jane Aceng is doing whatever it can to contain this virus. This country is known for managing epidemics and outbreaks. We managed Ebola. But can we defeat corona virus without co- operation? I don’t think so.

The corona virus is different, and unique. It’s ability to stay in air, on surfaces for a very long time is unique. Its incubation period of about 2-14 days makes it even harder to detect and easier to spread without knowing. One might seem normal but yet already infected and can still spread the virus. Having people jogging in masses on a daily basis poses as a threat. We still don’t know to what extent the virus has spread. Those quarantined at Entebbe grade B hospital are not the only ones affected.

As you move out of your house to join the masses and hit the street, think about your loved ones at home. Think about your neighbors, and put your country at heart. Stay Home, Stay Safe. Together at a distance we can fight this!

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