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Coronavirus incident reported in Kenya, should Ugandans be worried?

Uganda is a stone’s throw away from Kenya. Meaning, anything that is bound to happen to our brothers will always find a way of getting to us. If it’s not through the airport, at least someone will smuggle it in. That’s how we constantly trade ebola from Congo into the country.

Earlier on, a coronavirus incident had been reported in Kenya. A Chinese national, a suspected carrier of the virus was admitted to Kenya National Hospital upon his arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The outrage that came with this, with Kenyan nationals going on the internet and asking for safe return of their brothers and sisters in China caught their government’s attention. In response to this, the Kenyan ambassador to China said that they (the Kenyan citizens in China) would rather stay in China and be monitored from there instead of returning home and putting the entire country at risk. Well, at least she said something.

The Ugandan government on the other hand is yet to communicate about the incident and measures planned to be put in place as there are continued cries of our brothers and sisters in China. Most of these are young students who had left for China to chase their dreams. The Ugandan embassy in China, which could offer a little help is defunct. Ugandans living in China have now been left to quarantine. They will be isolated until this virus is contained, or until our government responds.

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