You will be Fined, sent to Jail or both for Littering in Uganda

You will be Fined, sent to Jail or both for Littering in Uganda

The government of Uganda has enacted a new law that criminalizes littering across the country. People found guilty will face a fine or jail term according to the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

Isaac Musumba, the Minister of State for Urban development said the new measures are in line with new developments in physical planning adding that implementation of the new regulations had been placed in the hands of the parish or county leaders.

Part of the statement issued by the ministry read: “Under the Physical Planning Amendment Act no.2 of 2020, the following provisions as of 10th January 2020 are now put into law.

“It shall be an offense to litter. Every person in Uganda is now under obligation to refrain from littering or dropping rubbish outside the litter bins. On conviction, the offender will be subjected to a fine of up to Ugx 2 Million or imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or both.”

Other offenses under the law are:

  • Premises without litter or garbage bins.
  • Throwing rubbish out of moving vehicles.
  • It is an offense for a house to look dirty and untidy.
  • It is an offense not to cut grass on one’s premises.
  • Businesses without pavers and unmaintained premises.
  • Businesses must have a sign with street and plot name inscribed on it

The ministry also said that where a local government fails to implement the directives in the law, its funding will be reduced and withheld until compliance.

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