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Key Points From President Museveni’s Address on the Coronavirus Pandemic

President Museveni this evening addressed the nation on the coronavirus pandemic that has greatly affected the entire globe. The address was broadcast live from State House Entebbe on all TV stations. The live broadcast was attended by very few people in an attempt to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Although there has not been any confirmed case of coronavirus as today, the president ordered the closure of all primary and secondary schools, universities and other institutions of learning as well as bars and places of worship.

“It is wise that we temporary remove these concentration points to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All these institutions, without exception should close so that we deny this virus high concentration. We don’t want the virus to find dry grass ready for ignition,” he said.

Museveni also banned Ugandans from traveling to high-risk countries. He also added that returning Ugandans would be quarantined at their cost.

“All outbound movements of all Ugandans going to or through Italy, France, South Korea, China, UK, USA, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Norway, Malaysia, Pakistan, San Marino, Austria, Netherlands has been banned for 32 days,” he said.

He also said weddings, music concerts, sports events, and bars are also to be affected by the ban for the same period.

Summary of key take-homes from the president’s address

  1. Religious meetings and prayers have been suspended for 30 days with immediate effect.
  2. Political rallies, cultural meetings, conferences, elections have been banned for 32 days with immediate effect.
  3. All out bound movements by Ugandans to the category one countries are banned.
  4. All Ugandans returning to Uganda will be put under mandatory quarantine in designated places at their own cost.
  5. Non-Agricultural workplaces will continue to operate but must follow the Ministry of Health issued standard guidelines.
  6. Weddings that bring together a ‘Pentagon’ of groups have been postponed for 32 days. Weddings that take place must not have more than 10 people.
  7. Public Funerals should be done with close relatives nearby, then mourning and rituals can be done later after the Pandemic. Coronavirus victims will be buried by the state.

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